Affiliate Marketing

Joining our affiliate marketing platform is free! Influencers can simply sign up and earn. Brands can publish campaigns at ZERO listing cost and get charged only for successful transactions or clicks. For published campaigns, we charge as follows:

Drive Sales Campaign

Driving sales as the goal of your campaign is the most result-oriented marketing strategy.

For brands, we charge per transaction driven through our platform at:

10% as influencer commission
10% as platform fee

For every face cream sold at $100 driven by an influencer, $10 is charged as influencer commission and another $10 charged as platform fee

Drive Traffic Campaign

Driving traffic as the goal of your campaign helps boost public awareness of your brand.

For brands, we charge by the budget per click you set up and divide it at the following ratio:

70% as influencer commission
30% as platform fee

For every click of a hyperlink driven by an influencer, if the budget per click is $1, $0.3 is contributed to the platform while $0.7 is contributed to the influencer as commission.

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